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From Personal Consultations with Conference Attendees

"I'm really enjoying your books...a continuation of the great career advice I received in our consultation session."

Pete Krech
Financial Professional/Forensic Accounting

"I received specific recommendations about my résumé, cover letter, and how to stay in touch with potential employers. I'm glad this wasn't just another 'pep talk' that I hear all too often from most other career coaches." (Retired accountant)

"Donn LeVie provided a solid validation of my current career objective, and his ideas on future opportunities for my expertise were most valuable." (Government intelligence analyst)

"Donn is an awesome and great resource. His specific recommendations for my résumé and LinkedIn page were most helpful." (Auditor, bank executive)

"Donn LeVie provided a common-sense approach to solving complex career concerns. He was spot-on with his comments and solutions." (Chief auditor, Central National Bank)

"Donn LeVie gave me practical feedback on my résumé, cover letter, and interview strategy. Plenty of takeaways."
(Chief audit executive, Louisiana Metro Government)

"I was listening to you speak on Jeff Altman's podcast, Job Search Radio. I can tell you know what you are talking about and I appreciate your advice very much. I would have made many mistakes if not for you!"

Stephanie Norr