Individual Career Consultations for Conference Attendees

Donn's Career Strategy Services are available to help boost any conference professional/career development efforts and value for conference attendees. Whether it's professionals seeking new career opportunities in a confused economy, hiring managers looking for ways to better assess higher quality talent in the job market, or consultants/small business owners wanting to build their clientele, Donn can help meeting professionals provide more value to the conference experience for attendees.

Donn's three decades of expertise can show attendees how to improve cover letters, résumés, job interview strategies, positioning and influence approaches, LinkedIn profile evaluations, building brand equity, enhancing social proof of expertise, or just helping people get out of a career rut. Sessions typically run 30 minutes each.
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Dynamic, Engaging High-Value Conference Keynotes Plus™ Programs

Donn's high-energy, hard-hitting keynotes on all facets of career and business growth with The Engagement Triangle help audiences break out of the pack for personal and professional success.

Donn's engaging style, humor, and insight from nearly 30 years in hiring manager positions in Fortune 500 companies challenge audiences of all experience levels and professions to new levels of achievement and potential. He has taught thousands of conference attendees the strategies he has found to be effective for achieving greater professional career and business success. Donn's
KEYNOTE PLUS™ followup programs help ensure that Return On Event - and attendee motivation - remains elevated back in the work environment. MORE INFO
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Personal Breakthrough Keynotes For Overcoming Self-Imposed Limitations

In any part of our personal and professional lives where we hit a plateau or get stuck in neutral, we naturally feel a discomfort that unsettles us. We want to keep moving forward,
but sometimes frustration and negative self-imposed thinking limits or blocks our progress.

Whenever one facet of life is out of balance (family, social, health, wealth, self-image, and a host of others), it upsets our entire equilibrium. Identifying the core conflict(s) and practicing the mental rituals of the world's most successful individuals are key to overcoming self-imposed doubts and fears. LIke a rising tide that lifts all boats, Donn's motivational keynotes share how personal breakthrough is largely due to
becoming more, not doing more. MORE INFO
"Donn LeVie's insight and experience with the hiring process opens up new avenues not just for finding a job but for charting a successful career. His 30 years of experience as a hiring manager and career strategist positions him to be an invaluable resource for meeting planners, conference coordinators, and professional development managers in need of an informative and entertaining keynote speaker or seminar leader."

Bruce A. Dean
Investigative Management Consultant, Former Federal Prosecutor
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Top-Rated Professional Development Seminars for Attendees

Every conference has a significant number of attendees looking for employment opportunities, wanting a different challenge, or seeking more clients/customer. Donn's one-day professional development programs (and even shorter breakout sessions, if preferred) propel attendees toward the next level for their careers or business growth. Donn works with meeting planners to fine-tune his content to meet their expectations, the needs of the audience attendees, and the goals of the conference itself.

Donn's focused, informative career engagement and positioning/ influence seminars and conference presentations add tremendous value for any Career/Professional Development stem whereby attendees receive immediate take-home ideas for their current job, next career, or business growth.
"Donn LeVie Jr. provides the best, most comprehensive guidance I have ever seen regarding professional development and the skills and techniques individuals need to make a career change, advance in their current position, or building customer and client lists. Additionally, Donn is a top notch speaker and presenter who captures an audience with his witty dialogue and strategic experience.

"He is the meeting planner and conference coordinator's best friend."

Leslie Simpson, Director of Events
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Listen to Donn being interviewed by Al Wynant on EVENT INTERFACE on "How to Boost Return on Event with Professional Development Strategies."
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