Conference Keynotes
Conference Seminars /Workshops
A dynamic, engaging keynote speaker who can weave together personal experience, personal anecdotes, and expert insight can set the right tone to kickstart your meeting or conference, pushing that ROE right out of the gate with content that immediately applies to their specific career objectives.
Donn offers full-day and half-day pre- and post-conference programs on effective career advancement strategies as well as programs for spotting talent for hiring managers. Donn offers a variety of Instant InSight™ Seminars as breakout sessions tailored to the needs of your attendees.
Donn LeVie Jr. provides the best, most comprehensive guidance I have ever seen regarding professional development and the skills and techniques individuals need to make a career change or advance in their current positions. Additionally, Donn is a top notch speaker/presenter who captures an audience with his witty dialogue and strategic experience.
He is the meeting planner and conference coordinator's best friend.

Leslie Simpson
Director of Events, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
"...the meeting planner and conference coordinator's best friend"
When you need to look like a hero

You know that creating the right learning environment for conference attendees is critical to enjoying a high return-on-event (ROE) result. You are always looking for new value opportunities in professional development. Critical to that end goal are bringing in speakers who are themselves game changers, solutions providers, and problem solvers in their own right who can impart strategies that result in immediate takeaways for attendees.

Professional development in a conference environment must be "sticky" and that means attendees must be able to perceive the immediate value of information being presented. When a speaker can change the way people view work, the resulting paradigm shift elevates that high ROE you are looking for, and in the process make you look like a hero.

If you aspire to super-hero status, contact Donn LeVie Jr. to learn more about his keynote addresses, seminars and workshops, and Personal Career Strategy Assistance Subscription Program as an association member benefit. Capes optional.
Donn LeVie Jr.
College Programs and Military-to-Civilian Transition Strategies
Whether it's young students seeking first opportunities in the job market or older students wanting a career change, Donn can help your school provide more value to its students through keynotes, seminars and student-benefit career strategy services.
Individual Career Strategy Consultations for Conference Attendees

Conference attendees can schedule individual career strategy consultations with Donn LeVie Jr. to receive specific feedback and suggestions on cover letters, résumés, interview strategies, and LinkedIn Profiles.
Job Market Entrance Strategies for College Juniors and Seniors
Juniors and seniors (and grad students) can benefit from Donn's 30 years of experience as a hiring manager so they can better position themselves to stay on the hiring manager's radar throughout the entire hiring cycle. One- and Two-Day seminars.